Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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brag to speak in a way that is too proud about something you do or have.
cast a thick, stiff covering for an injured limb or joint, especially one in which the bone is broken. A cast is made of cloth and some kind of liquid material that can become very hard and solid.
dye a substance that is used to give color to cloth, hair, or other materials.
elevator a device that carries people or things from one floor to another in a building. An elevator is like a small room or platform that moves up and down.
garage a building or part of a building used for keeping cars, trucks, or other vehicles.
magic related to or used in the mysterious or supernatural control of objects or events.
meal1 an occasion when people prepare and eat food at a specific time.
mow to cut down with a blade or machine.
okay all right; satisfactory, acceptable.
rough not smooth.
sturdy strong or solid; hard to break.
thin small when measured from one side to the other or when measured around the outside; not thick.
uniform a special suit of clothing worn by all members of a particular group.
usually ordinarily or most often; generally; typically.
voter one who helps decide something in an election by expressing his or her choice.