Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bait food used to attract and catch fish or animals.
boat an open vehicle, smaller than a ship, that moves on water.
careful paying close attention to what one is doing; cautious.
helicopter a type of aircraft that is held in the air and moved along by spinning blades attached to its top side.
instantly at once; without delay; immediately.
pant to breathe in quick, short breaths; gasp.
remove to take something off or away.
scold to tell someone that they have done something wrong, usually in an angry way.
shell a hard outer covering that an animal, especially a sea animal, has made to protect itself.
snowy characterized by the falling of snow.
square a flat, closed figure with four straight sides of equal length and four equal corners.
stair (plural) a flight of steps one walks up or down.
stormy having or characterized by storms.
sweat to give off a liquid through the skin.
waiter a person who serves customers in a restaurant, bar, or similar place.