Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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breakfast the first meal of the day, which people usually eat in the morning.
brilliant very shiny.
carefully with thought and attention or caution about what one is doing.
event something that happens, especially an important thing that happens.
ice frozen, solid water.
instantly at once; without delay; immediately.
mustache the hair that grows above the upper lip.
painful causing discomfort in the body, as from an injury or illness.
peel to pull, tear, or cut the outer covering from something.
port a place where ships load, or the town or city near this place.
shield a large, flat piece of strong material carried on the arm for protection.
sir a polite form of address for a man, usually used in place of his name.
squad a small number of persons trained to work together.
sweep to clear the floor of dirt or dust.
wire a long thread of metal.