Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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biscuit a small, round-shaped bread for one person made with baking powder or baking soda instead of yeast. Biscuits are not usually sweet.
crystal a solid substance that has a repeating pattern of flat surfaces.
enormous very large in size or amount; huge.
forever continuing for all time.
grade to rate for correctness or quality, usually by giving a letter or score.
handsome having an attractive, healthy appearance.
hoe a tool with a thin, flat blade at the end of a long handle. It is used for breaking up the soil.
jealous feeling angry or sad when you want what another person has.
misery a condition in which one is very unhappy or suffers very much.
peace a time when there is no war or fighting.
poster a sign made of paper or cardboard that is used for advertising, displaying information, or for decoration.
properly in the appropriate way.
rib one of the set of bones that curve around the chest of a person or animal.
spice a substance from a plant that has a special taste. Spices are used to add flavor to food and drink.
wade to walk in water or something else that makes movement slower or more difficult.