Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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clear used to describe the sky when there are no clouds or when there is little <hwref>pollution</hwref> or dust.
dress to put clothing on.
drunk having had too much alcohol to drink.
fasten to join two things or two sides of something so that they stay together.
fond having or showing feelings of love.
game something done for fun or amusement; play.
jet an airplane with engines that give off a flow of heated gases to cause forward movement.
mainly for the most part; mostly.
mat a piece of material that is used to cover a small area of a floor or other surface.
operator a person whose job is to control a machine.
rich having a great amount of money or valuable possessions.
slope A surface that is higher on one end than the other.
story1 a report of events that really happened or are imaginary.
study to try to gain knowledge or skill.
wake1 to come out of sleep (often followed by "up").