Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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calm not excited.
campfire an outdoor fire used for cooking or warmth while camping.
choose to pick one or more things or people from a group.
cigar a thin, tight roll of tobacco leaves prepared for smoking.
fog a thick cloud that is near to the ground.
harvest the gathering of ripe crops, or the amount gathered.
mad angry.
microphone a device that changes sound waves into electronic signals. Microphones are used to make sounds louder or to broadcast or record them.
order a direction or command.
push to move something or cause something to move by using pressure against it.
rug a piece of thick material used to cover part of a floor.
shave to cut off hair very close to the skin.
tough hard to break; strong; lasting a long time.
trade to give in return for something else; exchange.
trash anything that is thrown away because it is not wanted.