Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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double two times the amount or number.
glance a quick look.
grease a thick, oily material used on a machine to allow the parts to rub together smoothly while the machine is working.
hook a curved piece that is used for holding, hanging, or pulling things. A hook is made of metal, plastic, or another hard material.
mass a large amount or number.
oar a long pole that is wide and flat at one end. Oars are used to row or steer a boat.
patrol the act of guarding by making regular trips through.
scatter to separate and move in different directions.
screen a piece of material made of woven wire. A screen covers a window, door, or other opening.
thump a heavy, dull sound of one thing hitting another.
trust to believe that someone is good, honest, or able to be depended on.
untrue not correct or accurate; false.
usual most common; normal.
wild living in a natural state.
word a sound or group of sounds that has some meaning that other people can understand. Words are a basic unit of language.