Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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arrow a thin stick with a point on one end. An arrow is a kind of weapon.
balloon a small bag made of thin material that is filled with air or some other gas and used as a decoration or toy.
band1 a group of people or animals acting together.
cannon a large gun that is set on wheels or some other base. Cannons fire heavy shells.
cigar a thin, tight roll of tobacco leaves prepared for smoking.
energy the ability to have force or power or to do work. There are many kinds of energy such as physical, electrical, nuclear, or chemical.
flesh the soft parts of the human or animal body that lie between the skin and the bones. Flesh includes muscle and fat.
gas a form of matter that is neither liquid nor solid. Oxygen is an example of a gas.
monster a large, frightening creature that is not real.
rider a person who is carried by a vehicle or animal.
story1 a report of events that really happened or are imaginary.
swell to become larger because of growth or pressure.
textbook a book used for teaching a particular subject.
type a group of things that are the same in some way.
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