Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bread a food made with grains such as wheat or corn. Water, oil, and other ingredients are added to the grains, and the mixture is baked in an oven.
crash to destroy with great force and loud noise.
dirty not clean.
dollar the main unit of money in the United States and many other countries. One U.S. dollar is equal to 100 cents.
halt to stop or pause.
happily in a glad, cheerful, or joyful way.
holy relating to a god or religion.
inspector one who inspects, usually as a job for pay.
legend a story or group of stories that have been handed down from a time long ago and that many people in a society know but cannot prove to be true or untrue.
librarian a person who has special training to work in a library.
movie a motion picture; film.
musical good at or fond of music.
patrol the act of guarding by making regular trips through.
root the part of a plant that grows under the ground. Roots take in water and food, and they hold the plant in the soil.
together in or into one group or mass.