Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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advice an idea or opinion that someone gives to help you decide.
crawl to move along the ground on the hands and knees.
danger a chance or likelihood that something bad or harmful may happen; peril; risk.
earn to receive money for work that you have done.
helicopter a type of aircraft that is held in the air and moved along by spinning blades attached to its top side.
hut a small house or shelter. A hut is sometimes made of dry grass or mud.
ink a colored liquid in pens.
native an original resident of a given place, such as the Inuit people of Alaska and northern Canada.
pair two things that are the same and are used together.
properly in the appropriate way.
runway a smooth, level strip on which airplanes take off and land.
squat to sit on your heels close to the ground.
straight without a curve or bend.
swallow to cause food to go from the mouth to the stomach.
test an examination or experiment to find out what something is, what it is made up of, or how good it is.