Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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circle a line that curves so that one end meets the other. The line is made up of points that are all the same distance from the center.
daylight the light of the day.
diagram a drawing or plan that shows the parts of something or how the parts work together.
drunk having had too much alcohol to drink.
edge a line where two sides or surfaces meet.
guard to protect or pay close attention to something in order to keep it safe.
hoop a large ring of wood, plastic, or metal, such as a child uses as a toy or an animal jumps through.
injury damage or wrong that causes physical or mental pain or hardship.
nest a structure of sticks and other material that birds make to hold their eggs.
ranch a large farm where cattle, horses, or sheep are raised. There are many ranches in the plains of the United States.
reminder something that causes a person to remember something.
salad a mixture of raw vegetables served with <hwref>dressing</hwref>.
score the total points earned in a game or test.
stool a seat on tall legs and without arms or a back.
web a thin, open structure made of threads that connect to each other at points.