Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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backyard an open area behind a house that belongs to the owner of the house.
cast a thick, stiff covering for a broken bone, made of cloth and fiberglass or plaster.
chum (informal) a close friend; pal.
crack a break in something.
curve a line that bends smoothly in one direction without any straight parts.
enough as much or as many as needed or required.
friendly pleasant toward others.
half one of two equal parts of a whole.
pen a long, thin tool used for writing or drawing in ink.
poke to push with a thin or sharp object.
practice To repeat something in order to do it better.
stray to wander away from a group or place.
tool a thing that is used to help a person do work and that is usually held with the hands.
vanish to disappear suddenly from sight.
young in an early part of life or growth.