Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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beard the hair that grows on the face, especially on the chin.
cheese a solid food made from milk.
grass a short green plant with narrow pointed leaves that usually covers fields and yards.
heavy having much weight.
jar a round container with a wide mouth. A jar is often made of glass and has a lid.
nation a country made up of people living under their own government.
pity sympathy or sorrow caused by another's pain, bad luck, or suffering.
rinse to wash off with water.
rope pieces of string, wire, or similar material twisted together to make a thicker, stronger line.
shed2 to take off or drop something that covers or grows.
size how big or small an object is.
slash to cut or strike with a strong, sweeping motion.
textbook a book used for teaching a particular subject.
tiptoe the end or tip of the toe.
trap to catch and not let escape.