Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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baggage suitcases, bags, or trunks used to carry things during travel.
bother to annoy or give trouble to.
celebration a party anything else that people do to honor a special event.
death the end of life in any living thing.
free not held back or under the control of another person.
household the group of people, such as a family, that lives together in one place.
jet an airplane with engines that give off a flow of heated gases to cause forward movement.
land the solid part of the earth's surface.
nearly almost; just about but not quite.
overnight lasting or staying one night.
photograph a picture made by using a camera that records an image.
safety the condition of being safe from danger.
slice to take from a larger portion by cutting.
smile to have an expression on the face in which the corners of the mouth turn up.
sturdy strong or solid; hard to break.