Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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action something that is done for a specific purpose.
frozen changed into a solid or made hard by freezing.
honestly in an honest way.
hotel a place with many rooms and beds where people pay money to sleep and eat meals.
link one of the separate closed pieces of a chain.
mass a large amount or number.
movie a motion picture; film.
per for each.
phrase a group of words forming part of a sentence but not having both a subject and a verb.
plank a length of wood thicker than a board.
poke to push with a thin or sharp object.
roar to make a deep, loud cry or shout, as in anger, pain, or excitement.
salad a mixture of raw vegetables served with dressing.
suck to pull into the mouth by using the tongue and lips.
trip the act of traveling from one place to another.