Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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accept to say yes when someone wants to give you something.
actor a person who performs in a play, a movie, or a radio or television program.
fool A person who has poor sense or judgment.
journey a long trip from one place to another.
layer a covering of something that lies over a surface.
mate a marriage partner or close friend.
nowhere not anywhere; in no place.
plan an action one intends to take; aim.
planner a person who designs or has ideas for things that will exist or happen in the future.
rinse to wash off with water.
rod a straight, thin stick or bar.
sofa a comfortable seat with a back and arms made for two or more people; <hwref>couch</hwref>.
stack a neat pile with one thing on top of another.
think to judge or reason about something.
tie to fasten with something like a string or rope.