Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bough a main branch of a tree.
ceiling the part of a room that is over your head.
garage a building or part of a building used for keeping cars, trucks, or other vehicles.
garden an area of land used for growing flowers or vegetables.
hair a single, thin structure like a thread that grows on the body of humans and some animals.
motion the act of moving or changing places.
office a place where people do business work.
people all persons who belong to the same community, country, religion, or race.
radio a piece of equipment that receives signals that travel through the air and changes them into sound.
rider a person who is carried by a vehicle or animal.
shelf a thin, flat piece of wood, metal, or other material that is attached to a wall or set into a piece of furniture. Shelves are used to hold books, dishes, and other things.
ship a large boat that carries people or things through deep water.
together in or into one group or mass.
voter one who helps decide something in an election by expressing his or her choice.
wrong not true or correct.