Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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audience a group of people gathered to see or hear something.
birthday the day on which a person was born, usually celebrated each year on that date.
desk a piece of furniture with a flat surface used for writing, using a computer, or reading. Desks usually have drawers where you keep paper, pens, and other supplies.
exactly in a correct or accurate way.
fuel anything such as wood or gasoline that is burned as a source of energy.
happy feeling glad, pleased, or comfortable.
murder the crime of killing a person.
naughty not behaving or obeying.
outside the outer side or surface.
palace the official home of a king or queen or other person of high rank, or a fancy home where a king or queen might live.
phrase a group of words forming part of a sentence but not having both a subject and a verb.
screen a piece of material made of woven wire. A screen covers a window, door, or other opening.
square a flat, closed figure with four straight sides of equal length and four equal corners.
tease to make fun of or try to annoy in a playful or cruel way.
wagon a small, open cart with four wheels and a handle, used as a child's toy.