Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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awful very bad; terrible; of poor quality.
band1 a group of people or animals acting together.
dump a place owned by a town or city where people can bring <hwref>garbage</hwref>.
event something that happens, especially an important thing that happens.
firm1 not soft.
heap many things lying on top of each other; pile.
icy covered with ice.
interview a meeting between a person who has applied for a job and the person who is offering the job. The person who wants the job must answer questions about his or her experience and <hwref>qualifications</hwref>.
mail letters, packages, and other things sent and received through an official system.
mud wet earth that has turned soft.
pinch an amount that can be picked up between the thumb and a finger.
pit1 a deep natural or artificial hole in the ground.
ruin complete destruction.
scary causing fear; frightening.
tired needing sleep or rest.