Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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blush to become red in the face because of shame or embarrassment.
business the field or area in which a person works; occupation.
complete having all of the parts that are necessary; whole.
couch a comfortable seat with a back and arms for two or more people; sofa.
crib a bed with high sides all around for a baby or young child to sleep in.
cruel willing to cause pain or suffering; not caring if you hurt someone or something.
during all through a certain period of time.
fantastic wildly imaginative and incredible.
happiness the feeling of having joy or being glad.
key a metal object cut in a special way so it can open or close locks.
piece a section or part separated from the whole.
plant a living thing that has leaves, makes its own food, and has roots that usually grow in the earth.
present1 the period of time between the past and future.
puzzle a toy or problem that you solve by thinking or by arranging letters, words, numbers, or objects.
splinter a small, sharp piece of material that is broken off from a larger piece.