Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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cartoon a picture or set of pictures that make people laugh or think. Cartoons often have words that show what a character is thinking or saying.
center the area or part of something that forms the middle.
chase to follow with the purpose of catching; run after.
enormous very large in size or amount; huge.
flake a small, thin piece that has split off from or peeled off of a surface.
outdoor happening or used outside of any building.
physical of the body.
pool any small still area of liquid that has collected on something.
pull to bring closer by using force upon.
scary causing fear; frightening.
school a place for teaching and learning.
shake to move back and forth or up and down with small and quick motions.
though used to connect two parts of a sentence when the meaning of one part seems to disagree with the other.
uncle the brother of one’s father or mother, or the husband of one’s aunt.
wish to desire; want.