Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bitter having a strong taste that is neither sweet nor sour.
cart an open vehicle with two wheels used to carry a heavy load. An animal or a vehicle usually pulls a cart.
catch to get control of (someone or something moving away); capture.
exact having no mistakes; correct.
joy a strong feeling of being happy.
marry to become someone’s husband or wife according to the law.
national of or having to do with the whole country, not just one part of it.
physical of the body.
rocket a device shaped like a tube that moves at high speed and is powered by gases that are forced out of one end. Rockets are used to send things into the air.
sin an act of not obeying religious law.
smell to sense something by means of the nose.
squat to sit on your heels close to the ground.
trouble serious difficulty.
view the area that can be seen from a particular point.
wallpaper paper printed with colors or colored patterns and pasted onto walls and ceilings.