Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bald having little or no hair on the head.
code a set of rules or laws.
deed an act or action.
dock1 a raised, flat surface that is built out into the water.
hospital a place where sick or hurt people go to find care or help.
lady a polite word for woman or girl.
leader a person who directs or guides others or who has the most power in a group.
likely to be expected; probable.
prayer the words that are said when speaking to one’s god or holy person.
smack to hit noisily with an open hand; slap.
toss to throw gently.
uniform a special suit of clothing worn by all members of a particular group.
wheel a round thing that turns in circles and allows cars, trucks, bicycles, and other things to move.
wish to desire; want.
yell to speak in a very loud voice because you are hurt, afraid, angry, or excited.