Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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adult having grown up.
blink to close and open the eyes very quickly.
enormous very large in size or amount; huge.
exit a way out.
fruit the part of a plant that has seeds and flesh. Most fruits that people eat are sweet.
insect a small animal with a hard covering over its body. Most kinds of insects have a body that is divided into three parts. Most insects also have three pairs of legs and one or two pairs of wings.
inspector one who inspects, usually as a job for pay.
large big in size or amount.
nightmare a frightening dream.
plate a flat, round dish for food.
rattle to make a series of hard, short knocking sounds.
short not long in size or time.
sin an act of not obeying religious law.
ski to glide over snow wearing a pair of long, narrow, smooth runners attached to boots.
sound anything that people or animals hear with their ears.