Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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accept to say yes when someone wants to give you something.
anger a strong feeling caused when someone or something has done something wrong to you or when you think that something is bad or not fair.
belt a piece of cloth, leather, or other material that you wear around the waist.
campfire an outdoor fire used for cooking or warmth while camping.
dirt loose earth or soil.
handle to do what needs to be done with something or someone; manage; control.
harm hurt or injury.
hide to put or keep away from view.
offer to present something to be accepted or refused.
originally at first.
pinch an amount that can be picked up between the thumb and a finger.
quick happening very soon.
speaker a person who uses words to say things.
uncle the brother of one’s father or mother, or the husband of one’s aunt.
wage (often plural) money paid at regular times to a person for doing work.