Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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advice an idea or opinion that someone gives to help you decide.
basic necessary as a base. Things that are basic need to be learned first or done first.
damp wet, but not very wet.
drown to die under water because of lack of air.
erase to remove by rubbing away.
god a being that is worshipped and believed to have special powers over nature or life.
lonely unhappy because by oneself or without company.
matter all substances of the universe that can be seen, touched, or measured.
oar a long pole that is wide and flat at one end. Oars are used to row or steer a boat.
page one side of a sheet of printed or written paper.
pan an open, metal container for cooking or baking.
razor a tool with a very sharp blade that is used for cutting hair close to the skin.
stun to shock or amaze.
terrible causing fear, terror, or horror.
terrific very good; fantastic.