Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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cramp1 a sharp pain in a muscle that suddenly becomes tight.
flood a sudden, strong flow of water onto land that should not be under water.
gym a short form of gymnasium.
meat the flesh of animals when used as food.
nervous feeling worry or fear about a particular thing or things.
night the period between the time when the sun sets in the evening and when it rises in the morning.
pavement the hard surface on a road or other flat area.
physical of the body.
size how big or small an object is.
speech the power to speak, or the act of speaking.
stun to shock or amaze.
threaten to say that you will harm or punish some person or group if something that you demand is not done.
tire1 to take a person's strength or energy away.
umbrella a device that protects you from the rain. It has cloth stretched over a wire frame that is held up by a long handle.
upset to turn something over.