Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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carol a song of joy, especially a Christmas song.
case2 a container for holding, carrying, or keeping things safe.
club a heavy stick that is used as a weapon.
early near the beginning of something.
edge a line where two sides or surfaces meet.
happen to take place; occur.
hike to take a long walk in a natural place, such as a woods or forest, for fun or exercise.
lamp a device that uses electricity, oil, or gas to produce light. A lamp usually stands on a desk, table, or floor.
lead1 to direct someone; guide.
sell to give something to someone in exchange for money.
snow small, soft, white pieces of frozen water that fall from the sky like rain.
stain a spot or colored mark.
streak a long, narrow line or mark.
throne the seat used by a ruler or other important person for ceremonies or other special events.
wing a part of the body of some animals that they use for flying. Insects and birds have wings.