Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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accept to say yes when someone wants to give you something.
apologize to say that you are sorry.
cream the part of whole milk that contains fat. Butter is made from cream.
crew a group of people who work together.
flicker1 to burn or shine in an unsteady way.
harbor a safe area of water where people can leave their boats.
loud having a large amount of sound.
paper a thin material often used to write on, to wrap objects, and to make things such as containers.
pretend to imagine or make believe.
rescue to make someone safe again; bring out of a dangerous situation.
surely certainly.
sweater a warm piece of clothing that is worn on the upper body.
warn to tell of a possible danger.
wing a part of the body of some animals that they use for flying. Insects and birds have wings.
wisdom good judgment and an understanding of that which is true or right.