Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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actor a person who performs in a play, a movie, or a radio or television program.
bead a small, round object made of material such as glass, wood, or plastic. A bead has a small hole through its center so it can be put on a string to make necklaces or to decorate clothing.
brilliant very shiny.
carpenter a person who builds or repairs houses and other things made of wood.
chalk a type of soft, white stone. Chalk is made into long thin shapes used for writing or drawing.
drunk having had too much alcohol to drink.
freeze to make into ice or become solid from cold temperatures.
further comparative of <hwref>far</hwref>; at or to a greater distance.
heavy having much weight.
instant happening right away; without delay; immediate.
provide to give (what is needed); supply.
skinny very thin; having little fat on the body.
slash to cut or strike with a strong, sweeping motion.
sweet having a taste like that of sugar or honey.
usually ordinarily or most often; generally; typically.