Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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block a solid piece of hard material with flat sides.
castle a large, strong building built in the past and used as a defense against attacks.
cool a little cold; not warm.
film a movie.
flow to move in a smooth, steady stream.
hoop a large ring of wood, plastic, or metal, such as a child uses as a toy or an animal jumps through.
lobby to try to influence people who make laws to vote in a way that supports what the group wants.
message spoken or written information sent from one person or group to another.
plate a flat, round dish for food.
rusty covered with rust; not working well.
shop a small store.
stray to wander away from a group or place.
title a name of something such as a book, movie, or piece of music.
wade to walk in water or something else that makes movement slower or more difficult.
weather the conditions outside. Weather concerns such things as temperature, rain, snow, sun, and other things.