Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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burn to be on fire.
carton a box made of heavy paper.
caution care and attention to safety.
champion a person or animal that has taken first place in a contest or game; winner.
folk people in general.
fort a strong building used for defense or for soldiers to live in.
hospital a place where sick or hurt people go to find care or help.
liberty freedom from being confined or controlled.
nightmare a frightening dream.
plant a living thing that has leaves, makes its own food, and has roots that usually grow in the earth.
stir to mix liquids together or move a liquid in a circle using your hand or an object.
tonight the present night or the night that is coming on this day.
travel to go from place to place.
vacuum a space or container in which there is no air or from which most of the air has been removed.
waist the part of the body between the chest and hips.