Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bead a small, round object made of material such as glass, wood, or plastic. A bead has a small hole through its center so it can be put on a string to make necklaces or to decorate clothing.
courthouse a building where courts of law and other government offices are located.
force power, energy, or physical strength.
gate a part of a fence or wall that swings to open and close.
graph a drawing that shows information and the relationships between pieces of that information.
important having great meaning or value.
joke a short story with a funny ending that is told to make people laugh.
makeup cream, powder, or other things you put on your face to change the way it looks or to make it look better.
merry cheerful and happy.
per for each.
photograph a picture made by using a camera that records an image.
rent the regular payment that you give to the owner of a property for the use of a space.
scare to frighten.
tea a drink that is made by putting dried leaves of certain plants in hot water. The leaves usually come from a special plant that grows in Asia.
yank (informal) to pull or take out suddenly; jerk.