Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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cart an open vehicle with two wheels used to carry a heavy load. An animal or a vehicle usually pulls a cart.
coast the land next to the ocean.
decent kind and thoughtful.
dumb (informal) not smart; stupid.
happily in a glad, cheerful, or joyful way.
independence freedom from outside control.
magnify to cause to appear larger.
pass to go past; move beyond.
plank a length of wood thicker than a board.
police a department of a town, city, or state government that protects people and their property and makes people obey laws.
power the ability to act, function, or cause things to happen.
rear being at the back part of something.
screen a piece of material made of woven wire. A screen covers a window, door, or other opening.
terrible causing fear, terror, or horror.
trousers a garment for the lower parts of the body from waist to ankle that covers each leg; pants; slacks.