Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bait food used to attract and catch fish or animals.
class a group of people, things, or animals that are similar in certain ways; kind.
code a set of rules or laws.
dust tiny, dry pieces of dirt or other material that is in the air and collects on surfaces.
farm an area of land or water used to raise certain kinds of crops or animals.
glance a quick look.
hear to receive sound with the ears.
leave1 to go away from a place.
lower to cause to move to a position below; let down.
net1 an object made of strong threads or strings that are woven in a way that leaves open spaces between them.
office a place where people do business work.
shy quiet and not comfortable with other people.
sky the air or space above the earth.
stair (plural) a flight of steps one walks up or down.
tip2 to move to a leaning position.