Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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boil1 the state of a liquid when it reaches a certain temperature and starts to turn into a gas.
cash money in the form of bills and coins.
cigar a thin, tight roll of tobacco leaves prepared for smoking.
cook to prepare food for eating by using heat.
drain to remove a liquid from something through a pipe.
handle to do what needs to be done with something or someone; manage; control.
jar a round container with a wide mouth. A jar is often made of glass and has a lid.
lightly with little weight or force.
merry cheerful and happy.
mostly almost completely; mainly.
neighbor a person who lives close to someone else.
nothing not anything.
pearl a smooth, hard, round object that is formed inside the shell of some sea animals.
refuse1 to not accept or agree to something; to say "no."
schedule to set the date or time of.