Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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class a group of people, things, or animals that are similar in certain ways; kind.
crawl to move along the ground on the hands and knees.
diner one who eats a meal.
dinner the main meal of the day.
handsome having an attractive, healthy appearance.
hint a sign or suggestion that is not made in a direct way.
know to have information in your mind that comes from what you have learned or can see.
maybe it may be so; perhaps.
pardon to forgive or excuse (some act or behavior).
plan an action one intends to take; aim.
size how big or small an object is.
tell to express in spoken or written words.
uncle the brother of one’s father or mother, or the husband of one’s aunt.
visit to go or come to see.
word a sound or group of sounds that has some meaning that other people can understand. Words are a basic unit of language.