Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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arrive to come to or reach a certain place.
check to look at something in order to make sure that it is right or correct.
delicious having a pleasing taste or smell.
fare the price paid to ride on a bus, train, taxi, or airplane.
finish to reach or cause the end of; complete.
gather to bring together into one place; collect.
highway a large, important public road.
listen to try to hear.
mission a special job given to a person or group of people.
nowhere not anywhere; in no place.
prisoner a person who is held under close guard, as in a jail, while on trial or after being sentenced for a crime.
save to help someone get away from harm or danger.
scrape to rub with something sharp or rough.
slot a long, narrow opening into which something may be put.
snoop to look into others' affairs or possessions in a secret way.