Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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among together with or in the middle of.
chum (informal) a close friend; pal.
cry to have tears fall from your eyes as the result of pain, sadness, or another strong feeling.
different not the same.
glad happy that a good thing has happened or will happen.
half one of two equal parts of a whole.
horror a strong feeling of fear or shock.
interview a meeting between a person who has applied for a job and the person who is offering the job. The person who wants the job must answer questions about his or her experience and <hwref>qualifications</hwref>.
news information about important events happening in the present. The news is presented on television or radio or in a newspaper or magazine.
pat1 a light tap or stroke with the open hand or a flat object.
poem a piece of writing different from ordinary writing in its special form, rhythm, and beautiful or interesting language. Poems are often short and express feelings. They sometimes use words that rhyme.
smile to have an expression on the face in which the corners of the mouth turn up.
steeple a tall, narrow tower on top of a building. A steeple often has a pointed spire.
sunny having weather in which the sky is blue and clouds do not block the light of the sun.
wade to walk in water or something else that makes movement slower or more difficult.