Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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backyard an open area behind a house that belongs to the owner of the house.
court a place where legal matters are heard.
dare to try to get someone to do something as a test of courage.
dive to move down from a high place at high speed, with the head or front part first.
drill a tool used to make holes in wood, metal, and other materials.
further comparative of <hwref>far</hwref>; at or to a greater distance.
muscle the soft pieces of flesh in animals and humans that make the bones move.
nod to move the head up and down in order to greet or agree with someone.
power the ability to act, function, or cause things to happen.
rip to cut open, off, or apart with force; tear.
soften to make or become soft or softer.
spear1 a weapon with a long wooden shaft and a sharp pointed tip. Spears are thrown or thrust with the hand.
straw dried stems of certain grain plants. Straw is used to feed farm animals and to make things such as baskets and hats.
team a group formed to play or work together.
trade to give in return for something else; exchange.