Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bucket an open container with round sides, a flat bottom, and a curved handle at the top.
disgust to cause a strong feeling against something; to cause someone to feel sick.
fence a structure used to mark off an area or to keep animals or people in or out.
job work a person does every day or every week and gets paid for.
leap to jump into the air either straight up or across a distance.
murder the crime of killing a person.
needle a thin tool made of steel with a hole at one end and a sharp point at the other end. You put thread through the hole. Needles are used for sewing.
owner a person who owns something.
rug a piece of thick material used to cover part of a floor.
shell a hard outer covering that an animal, especially a sea animal, has made to protect itself.
steer to make something move in a certain direction.
trail a path or course through a forest or other rural place.
train a group of railroad cars connected together that carry people or things from one place to another.
unit a single thing that is one of a group of similar things.
useful having a practical use or purpose.