Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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brave ready to face pain or danger; showing courage.
coal a hard black or dark brown substance that is found in the earth. People burn coal for heat and energy.
crisp firm but breaking easily into pieces.
dinner the main meal of the day.
evening the period between late afternoon and night; the early part of the night.
hole an open or hollow place in something.
inventor one who conceives of or makes something new.
lone without others; alone.
lovely beautiful in appearance.
pity sympathy or sorrow caused by another’s pain, bad luck, or suffering.
replace to put something in the place of another thing.
small little in size, number, or amount.
snoop to look into others' affairs or possessions in a secret way.
towel a piece of soft cloth or paper used to dry the face, body, dishes, or other things.
vacuum a space or container in which there is no air or from which most of the air has been removed.