Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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bucket an open container with round sides, a flat bottom, and a curved handle at the top.
chart a sheet that gives information in the form of a table or <hwref>graph</hwref>.
driveway a private road that leads from a street to a building such as a house or garage.
every each member or part of a group.
grip to grasp or hold firmly.
half one of two equal parts of a whole.
lesson a period of instruction with a teacher, or a specific group of things to be learned or studied together.
outstanding better than most others; excellent.
poor without money, possessions, or other basic needs.
properly in the appropriate way.
rib one of the set of bones that curve around the chest of a person or animal.
rifle a gun that has a long barrel and that is shot from the shoulder.
space the area that contains the entire universe beyond the earth.
ticket a small piece of paper that shows that you have paid for something.
tip2 to move to a leaning position.