Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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defend to protect from harm; guard.
fierce wild and dangerous.
hug the action of holding using both arms.
knock to hit a door in order to make noise.
leadership ability or skill as a leader.
legend a story or group of stories that have been handed down from a time long ago and that many people in a society know but cannot prove to be true or untrue.
magnet an object that has the power to pull things made of iron toward itself.
paddle an oar with a wide, flat blade and long handle. A paddle is used with both arms for moving a small boat through the water. A paddle is not attached to the boat.
pavement the hard surface on a road or other flat area.
pray to request in a serious and sincere way, especially of one's god.
shield a large, flat piece of strong material carried on the arm for protection.
soil1 the top layer of the earth’s surface; dirt.
staff a pole or rod often used as an aid in walking or hiking; walking stick.
tray a flat, open piece of wood, metal, plastic, or some other material, used to carry, hold, or show food, drink, or small things. It often has a low edge.
vacuum a space or container in which there is no air or from which most of the air has been removed.