Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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cast a thick, stiff covering for an injured limb or joint, especially one in which the bone is broken. A cast is made of cloth and some kind of liquid material that can become very hard and solid.
collar the part of a piece of clothing that goes around the neck.
emergency a sudden dangerous situation that requires immediate action or help.
family a group made up of a parent or parents and their children.
flat1 having a surface that is straight and even; level.
foggy full of or covered by fog.
hunt to search for and try to kill (animals) for food or sport.
operator a person whose job is to control a machine.
secret not seen or known by others; private.
slow not moving fast or not able to move fast.
spine the set of bones that go down the center of the back of a human or animal.
sunset the moment each day when the sun goes below the western horizon.
terrify to fill with great fear or terror; scare.
uphill on an upward slope or in an upward direction.
web a thin, open structure made of threads that connect to each other at points.