Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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heart the organ in the body that controls the flow of blood.
ice frozen, solid water.
information knowledge or facts about any thing or event.
limb one of the large branches of a tree.
lookout the act of keeping watch or searching.
maker someone or something that puts together a new thing.
male having to do with a person or animal of the sex that does not produce eggs or give birth.
mysterious not known and not able to be explained.
pilgrim a person who takes a trip to a holy place for a religious purpose.
prayer the words that are said when speaking to one's god or holy person.
silent making or having no sound.
soldier a person who serves in the army and who is not an officer.
spine the set of bones that go down the center of the back of a human or animal.
steep having a sharp slope.
thief a person who steals.