Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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aim to point something at a thing that you want to hit.
edge a line where two sides or surfaces meet.
firm1 not soft.
foggy full of or covered by fog.
guard to protect or pay close attention to something in order to keep it safe.
icicle a long, thin piece of ice that hangs from something.
important having great meaning or value.
justice the upholding of what is fair, just, and right.
lawn an area of land where people plant grass and cut it to keep it short.
messenger a person who carries and delivers messages and packages.
order a direction or command.
pillow a cloth bag filled with soft material used for resting the head while sleeping.
runway a smooth, level strip on which airplanes take off and land.
stable1 firm or steady; not likely to move.
target a thing that you aim at and want to hit.