Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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crash to destroy with great force and loud noise.
curtain a piece of cloth that hangs in a window or other opening to shut out light or to cover something.
every each member or part of a group.
fable a short tale that teaches a lesson. The characters in fables are often animals who speak and act like people.
jar a round container with a wide mouth. A jar is often made of glass and has a lid.
junior of a lower position or rank.
mill a machine that crushes whole or solid substances.
patrol the act of guarding by making regular trips through.
poor without money, possessions, or other basic needs.
protect to defend or keep safe from danger or harm.
rider a person who is carried by a vehicle or animal.
roam to move or travel around without a plan; wander.
scarce not being enough; not easy to get.
share a part of a whole amount.
trim to make neat by cutting away some parts.