Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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boss a person who gives work to other people and tells them what to do; manager.
bud a swelling on a plant that can grow into new parts, such as leaves or a flower.
cage a space closed in by wires or bars and used to hold animals.
careful paying close attention to what one is doing; cautious.
depth the distance from top to bottom or from front to back.
fault something wrong with a thing or person that causes problems for someone or something else.
flat1 having a surface that is straight and even; level.
float to rest on the surface of a liquid without sinking.
ladder a structure with steps that you use to climb up to high places. You can move a ladder from one place to another.
less to a smaller degree or amount.
ore a rock or mineral from which a metal or other useful substance can be removed.
poor without money, possessions, or other basic needs.
port a place where ships load, or the town or city near this place.
prize a reward given to the person who wins something.
secret not seen or known by others; private.