Grades K-2 (WVI 1)
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company a business firm or organization.
cradle a small bed for a baby that can move from side to side.
crunch to chew with a crackling noise; crush by biting.
emperor the male ruler of an empire.
flame the hot, bright gas that you see when something burns.
fold to bend something so that one part lies on top of another part.
free not held back or under the control of another person.
lead1 to direct someone; guide.
neighbor a person who lives close to someone else.
palm the inner surface of the hand.
pupil1 a young person who is taught by a teacher.
rip to cut open, off, or apart with force; tear.
same exactly alike; not at all different.
towel a piece of soft cloth or paper used to dry the face, body, dishes, or other things.
widow a woman whose husband has died.